Discord is our new VoiP

Behemoth ao posted Jan 11, 17

We have officially moved to Discord! A link that will expire in 1 day will be posted on the website for members to access. After this time period, you must recieve an invite from an officer. Keep in mind that our TeamSpeak rules translate to Discord. If your website and Discord usernames don't match, you won't be set as a member. The TeamSpeak Etiquette page will soon be modified to match Discord. Let us know if you have any questions!


We are extending open recruitment to include the Illidan guild. Anyone who would like to join any clan/guild can be invited by an officer (White Shade+). While they will be a member of that specific game, they are not yet a full member of the clan. They will begin at the Trial rank and have limited permissions. If they would like to advance beyond Trial, they will need to register on the website and complete a Full Membership Application along with the 7 basic requirements. If they would like to raid, they will only be brought in when pugs are necessary and have lowered loot priority. If they would like to join a raid team, they will need to complete a Raiding Application, then the Full Membership Application to hold a position on that team. Trials are automatically considered to be on probation and can be kicked on the spot by any officer.


Our server is currently down for maintenance as we are changing our server host. Server migration is in progress at the time of this post, the server should be ready to go within the next day or two. Once this is complete we are looking to resume Minecraft Nights! This will start off as a biweekly event where any clan member may participate in minigames to earn Shadow Tokens which are used to purchase rare and unique items! A post will be made on the forums to discuss which night(s) will be best for members interested in joining in the fun!

Garry's Mod-

The Saturday Gmod time has been changed to 11pm EST. The expertimental Monday Gmod time is tentatively 9:30 EST. After we complete the Minecraft server we are looking to move the Garry's Mod server to third party as well. This will allow us to have the server available for members to play with each other 24/7 and allow events to be hosted without being dependant on Behemoth.

Damned/Dead By Daylight

While not entiely new, we will be continuing to rotate horror games on Steam at 10pm EST every Friday. Damned and Dead By Daylight are the main games, but we will also be considering Dead Realm and White Noise 2. If you're interested in trying (or just watching) something new and spooky come and hang out, we'll stream it for you!

We have more coming for League of Legends and a couple other Steam games such as Rocket League so stay tuned!

Tonight marks the closing days of Warlords of Draenor as we finished our last pre-prepatch raid, and begin to prepare for Legion. Warlords has been a crazy expansion for White Shadow. We began with little success in the opening weeks of Highmaul. During Blackrock Foundry we decided to assemble a new team, and by the time we were reaching the last bosses of heroic Hellfire Citadel our Tuesday/Wednesday team began to shape into the mythic team we are today. By the end of Warlords, we had assembled a 3rd raid team and reached 11/13M bosses cleared with a 0% wipe at mythic Mannaroth. While it wasn't a kill, it was still a large achievment for us as a guild, I'm proud of our team for making it that far! I'm looking forward to downing new bosses and reaching new hieghts in Legion!

For Legion we plan to hit the ground running, as we will have all 3 rosters formed and ready to go one week before the expansion launches. We will also begin planning out our 4th raid team that will be formed on our Alliance/Stormrage server, contact Tormeant for details if you are interested. For all of our new members, the times for our raid teams are as follows and can be found on the Events calendar on the website, and a complete roster can be found under the WoW section of the forums.

-Tuesday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Wednesday 7-11cst

-Sunday/Monday Team, Sunday/Monday 7-11cst

- Sunday Team, Sunday 2-5cst

With that being said, an all in one Application is now available on the website for viewing only. You will have several weeks to ask any questions regarding the teams as well as decide which classes you would like to play. The Legion Raiding Application FAQ is available on the forums under the WoW section. It is also important to brush up on the Code of Raiding as that has been modified to reflect dual mythic teams and how they will interact with each other. A list of important dates is listed below and will be marked on the calendar under the Events tab.

July 19th - Legion pre-patch, Legion Raiding Application is available for reading.

August 2nd - Legion Raiding Application becomes available for submitting

August 23rd - Legion Raiding Application closes at 7cst, teams will be posted by the end of the night

August 29th - Legion Lauch Party! log on TeamSpeak before Launch and join in the fun! Make sure to RSVP accordingly on the in game calendar, we need to know how many slots need to be available

August 30th - Legion Launch! Many of us will be playing through the night in the race to reach 110. Come join us on TS!

Good luck to everyone applying for raid teams! Keep an eye on the forums as more information regarding our raids teams will be posted as we get closer to our first week in the Emerald Nightmare. I look forward to enjoying our other games with you guys while we wait for Legion! Go Team Mystic!

Korkari Team Mystic ? :S

Clan Updates

Behemoth ao posted Apr 27, 16

Hello everyone! Today I am announcing several clan wide changes that have been implimented. First off, potential members are no longer required to be approved via application. Instead, anyone interested in joining our community may register to automatically become a member. With that being said, a new rank has been added- the Trial rank. Trial members do not have full membership status, but may advance to the Recruit rank by spending some time with the clan on TeamSpeak and with officer approval. This process may take as little as an hour or as long as several weeks. We encourage anyone who has friends that are interested in joining our community to sign up on our website and join in the fun! Be sure to have them check out the Newcomer page.

This update is huge for anyone interested in raiding! With the official release date of Legion announced, White Shadow is proud to officially announce our plan for the creation of a second Mythic level raiding team. Approximately one month before the release of Legion, applications will be available on the website under the Forms tab for all 3 of our raid teams- both progression teams, and our casual team. For those that are interested in raiding in Legion on either of our serious progression teams, be sure to show the officers your capabilities as a raider and team player on one of our current teams or mythic pug raid before the current content is nerfed. If the officers have not seen your raiding performance you will be significantly less likely to be awarded a core raid position. The following information is for our new progression team. Additional information will be posted on the forums under the WoW section at a later date.

Raid Leader: Unannounced
Assistant Raid Leader: Unannounced
Raid Times: Sunday, Monday 7-11pm CST
Raid Comp: 2/4/14

For those fiending to play as Alliance, we have started up an additional Alliance Guild on Stormrage with an identical name and guild structure. This will be a casual leveling guild for anyone who would like to give the opposite faction a try without invoking the wrath of Behemoth! We encourage everyone to transfer any existing Alliance characters to Stormrage as well as hang out on TeamSpeak as usual.

RandomPerson will be starting up a new D&D campaign. Contact him for more information. Sessions take place on TeamSpeak and Roll20 on Thursdays. He will also be organizing games of StarCraft I: Brood War. If you're interested in trying out our original game with us, let him know!

We have significantly increased our presence on Tera. We play on Lake of Tears, anyone interested in trying out a new F2P MMO should speak to Hatextana to join in! She will also be continuing to run Steam games on Friday and Saturday nights, make your way to the Steam forum to check out the various games we play!

Finally, Desidemona and Tchan have been promoted to White Shade and will assist the clan in our daily operations across various games as officers. Congrats guys!

League of Legends

Never Say Die posted Nov 29, 15

Hey guys,

It has come to my attention that a good portion of you play league of legends. I've come here today to announce the official launch of our very own League of Legends branch for the clan.  So if you ever feel like playing a game of league, drop on by and hopefully we can get a couple of games in! Over the next week or so, I will be recruiting a lot of friends that I've met over the course of the past month or two that I believe will be a great asset to our family. Also, whether you're an old school veteran or a complete newbie, come on by and join in on the fun.

If you're currently part of the clan and you play league, post your IGN here.



Kamakraze God Hates lag is my summoner name and im a support main
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